Atlantis is the beginning of a journey. A journey to all of the oceans of the world. I  get inspired by the ocean , i’ve always had an attraction for the greatness of it, the mistery , the waves pattern.

I find it somehow intriguing, like the Atlantis legend of Platon.

 The performance in the Canary Islands-Atlantic Ocean was my first challenge, especially  production wise . We had an exact time to do the shooting on sunset, no second takes whatsoever. 

A wonderful location, the ruined Church from playa San Juan , Tenerife South. There is very special energy in that place, wich inspired me a lot on making Atlantis .

  The film/ production crew was  local , Why Films-Canary Island , who did a great job.The head of the opration was one of my collab and coleague from Sensor back in the days, Florin Balan-musician, visual artist. So good to see and work with him after a long time. Thank you!

 I should also mention Catalin Groza , some of the wonderful aerial shots were filmed by him🙏🏼   

I edited the video, color correction and all that stuff, so there is no one to blame but me 🙂  

The album ( Atlantis) was put together entirely on the island, starting one month before the shooting , so i was heavily inspired by the place. I remotely collaborated with some of my favourite vocal talents in Romania , very talented artists Marius Ciupitu, Zsuzsana Cerveni, Cristina Stroe, Evelina Negru.Thank you  so much guys and girls for your wonderful musical input , it means a lot !❤️ 

The audio version of the Atlantis album will be release   by The Sound Collective -Helsinki. More on that soon.   

 Thank you for watching and listening to my music, and thank for supporting me along the way🙏🏼