Kult Sessions

Kult Sessions

“Kult Sessions” is a creative exploration into live electronic music initiated by Paul Ilea aka Mongol. From time to time Mongol invites fellow artists to join him in creating soundscapes that have only one rule: pure improvisation. Nothing is settled beforehand; everything is created from scratch and explored in the flow of the moment.

In this episode (KultCast #1), Paul is joined by Sensor band mate and the two artists are exploring minimal sounds, ambiental and techno beats. The key to this performance can be found in the completely unconventional approach of a ‘classic’ live electronic set, as the duo is not using loops and prerecorded sounds – everything you hear is ‘handmade’ on the spot and it resembles more of a acoustic set progression sounding improvisation than a typical electronic set. Enjoy and spread the word!

Melak (full name – Cristian Melak) percussionist and dj with a rich background rooted in electronic music. His latest musical outfit is the club flavoured electro/jazzy/funky band, ‘Nopame’. For the past 19 years he performed onstage as part of Romanian pioneering bands such as ‘Sensor’, ‘Morandi’, ‘Mara and KSA’.

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