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Romanian musician and multi-award winning artist (composer, producer, violin/keyboards/percussion  player, performer, film score composer – Kult Studio owner and TV music producer for The Voice,Romania’s Got Talent a.o.), Paul Ilea combines eclectic musical landscapes – both electronic and acoustic – with a theatrical, dramatic bent and an uncompromising attitude regarding his art.

Paul’s musical vibe includes a natural inclination towards engulfing various genres (from breaks & dnb to jazzy to ethnic to rock) infusing them with electronica to concoct a rich and textured blend of sounds that can only be described as out-of-the-box, highly original and definitely elevating audiophile experience.



Unconventional live electro-acoustic revolution

Born in 1999, the group is based on a former percussion ensemble called Hans’n’Feet that subsequently changed its name into Sensor, a formula that revolutionized the Romanian showbiz industry, as it developed a brand new comcept: a techno-tribal-electro group relying heavily on a very dynamic show and percussions on unconventional instruments like bins, cans, broom sticks, electric grinders, synths and any other tool you can think of. The concept took shape as the stage performance ‘Sakadat ExtraSensorial’, an awarded show that was way ahead of its time, unique in terms of form, storyline, musical and rhythmic structure.

Their first album, ‘Lands’ (also the first Romanian world-fusion album) found the group rearranged and consisted of producer Paul Ilea (synths, percussion, violin), Cristian Melak (percussions), Sasha Negara (clarinet, percussions), Mandela Gajol (flute, percussion, woodwind instruments) and Laura Orian (voice, percussion). Later on Cosmin Gherghinoiu (bass guitar) and Andrei Petrila (drums)joined the band in a live formula. Along the way, the core trio – Paul, Sasha & Melak – invited numerous artists to lend their voices to Sensor, among which Mara, Lora and more recently, Lullu or Roxana Morar. With its roots in the industrial-techno scene of the early 2000’s, this award winning band has since released 3 studio albums, a compilation and 2 club mixes as well as sharing the main stage at European festivals with major headliners such as The Prodigy, Faithless, Kylie Minogue, Kelly Rowland, Korn, Bob Sinclair, Genesis, Scorpions, Crystal Method, Chicane and others. With eccentric band leader Paul Ilea as the main figure of the music outfit, Sensor has evolved naturally towards experimenting and therefore came to explore a whole range of genres, giving them a boost of an unique, uncategorizable style. The result? An originally crafted sound, a mix of electro and broken beats, post dubstep and acid jazz, symphonic and ethnic flavors that appear to fit the multitude of genres, but, in fact, gently disrupting these well-known patterns. All wrapped in electrifying, hyped-up live shows. Sensor is nothing like your regular music group because it doesn’t follow any mainstream recipe! Always on unconventional paths, regardless of the trends and slowly building a trademark, diversity is the key word for this one-of-a-kind band. Sensor won several awards so far, such as the the MTV Award in 2005 for ‘Best Video Single’ (‘Help Yourself’, taken from their second album, ‘E-volution’ – 2004), ‘Best Sound’ Award @Romanian Music Awards in 2009, VIP Music Award for ‘Best Group’ in 2011 and, most recently, nominee to ‘Best Electronica Artist’ at AIM Music Awards California, USA .

SENSOR’s latest album, „U.S.B. – Urban Symphonik Beats” was released in late 2013. With featured artists like LORA, Mara, Mc Tina, this complex album has a plethora of twists and turns, from post dubstep to dnb and all kinds of surprising broken beats, experimenting both with symphonic melodic lines and electronic sounds. The album was released on a special edition USB card.

In the upcoming spring of 2019, Sensor is preparing the launch of its 4 th full studio album, a musical journey into the band’s 20 years rich history. The concept is mimicking the style of known Sensor tracks and bringing them into the now through adding production gimmicks, flavors and a line-up of young and powerful voices that give the necessary spin to enrich and expand Paul’s intricate musical production.


“The Voice” is an innovative format that changes the rules in terms of talent competitions. It does not matter what age or profession you have, it does not matter how you look, whether you are tall or short, thin or fat, tattooed or clear-skin, everything that matters is THE VOICE.

“Voice of Romania” is a show in which only the best will find their place, the special, strong voices and unmistakable voices, regardless of the field they come from: rock, pop, latino, etc. “The Voice” is a registered trademark of Talpa Distribution B.V.

In Romania this show is one of the most popular shows in the TV landscape, with millions of viewers and an established fandom. Paul Ilea’s role is an essential one, that of creating audio magic everytime, with every show, by deciding on the members of the live band, on the sound of the tunes and overall he is in charge of a seamless transition between the trainer and contender’s ideas and the band or production team’s needs and specific requirements.


‘Gigi Caciuleanu, Romania’s most acclaimed choreographer, returns to London with another show, which documents the maddening process by which a “humble” minute of dance is produced. Different every time, the performance is created and re-created on the spot, taken by the flux of momentary inspiration.

The choreographer himself is joined by dancers Ana Visan and Razvan Stoian together with musician Paul Ilea in a show as unexpected as everybody’s next minute in life.

“The entire show is designed around the complicated and often ‘crazy’ creative process needed to create one minute of dance. It may be regarded as an improvisation from the very beginning to the very end, an eternal re-creation.’

Created by Gigi Caciuleanu & Art Production


Studio Albums

  • 2013 U.S.B. Urban Symphonik Beats (Kult Studio Records)
  • 2004 E-volution (EMI Romania)
  • 2002 Lands (A&A Records)


  • 2014 ‘Figure Out’ (Skillz Records)
  • 2013 ‘You Give’ (Kult Studio Records)
  • 2009 ‘La Dragoste Nu Se Poate Vol.2’ (Kult Studio Records)
  • 2005 ‘Help Yourself‘ (No.1 at MTV Romanian top 40)
  • 2004 ‘5 Minute’ (feat. Mono)


  • 2009 Best, Unreleased album (Kult Studio Records)


  • 2008 Sensuous Moods – 40 min. mix (Kult Studio Records)
  • 2008 Club Mix – promo, club music (Kult Studio Records)


  • 2018 ‘Ku Na Ta’ (Kult Studio Records)
  • 2018 ‘Folklore’ (Kult Studio Records)
  • 2014 ‘You Got It’ (Kult Studio Records)
  • 2014 ‘The Stairz’ (Kult Studio Records)
  • 2013 9 Lautari feat. Mongol - Of, dragostea
  • 2013 ‘Harmony’ feat. Mara (Kult Studio Records)
  • 2013 ‘Da Roots’ (Kult Studio Records)


  • 2013 ‘August’ (Kult Studio Records) – 19 min. mix


  • 2013 U.S.B. Urban Symphonik Beats (Kult Studio Records)
  • 2012 Mara – ‘In Love with Love’ – (KULT STUDIO Records)
  • 2004 E-volution (EMI Romania)
  • 2002 Lands (A&A Records)


  • 2018 MCulture – ‘Chef de Chef’ album (Cat Music) (producer)
  • 2015 Mara – ‘Ma Bike ‘ single (RotonMusic) (producer)


  • 2011 How Do You Know Remix for Gaoler’s Daughter UK

Original Score

  • 2014 ‘Folia, Shakespeare &Co.’ – original soundtrack (composer/producer)
  • 2014 ‘Plansa’ (‘It takes two to fence’) - original soundtrack (composer/producer)
  • 2013 ‘Si Caii Sunt Verzi Pe Pereti’ (‘Chasing Rainbows’) – original soundtrack (composer/producer)


  • 2013 ‘I'm Not Famous But I'm Aromanian’ – Music featured on soundtrack along side aromanian artist Mara
  • 2001 ‘Marfa si banii’ (‘Stuff and dough’) – Sensor music featured on the soundtrack


  • 2014 ‘Touareg Dream’ – Music for Liza Panait fashion show (composer/producer)


  • 1997 IPSE band promo album (artist)

Awards and nominations


Member of the jury @ UCIN AWARDS

Premiile Uniunii Cineastilor (The Cinema Union Awards)



‘Best Original Score in a Motion Picture for ‘PLANSA’ (‘It takes two to fence’ by Andrei Gheorghe) and ‘Folia, Shakespeare & Co.’ (by Gigi Caciuleanu)


Nominee at ‘Gopo Awards’

‘Best Original Score In A Motion Picture’ (‘Si Caii Sunt Verzi Pe Pereti” / ‘Chasing Rainbows’ by Dan Chisu)


Nominee at ‘AIM Awards’, Hollywood, Los Angeles

‘Best Electronica Independent Artist’


VIP Magazin Award

‘Best Music Group’ – Sensor


Romanian Music Awards

‘BEST SOUND’ Award – Sensor


MTV Award

‘Best Video Single’ – Sensor (‘Help Yourself’)


VIP Magazine Award

‘The Most Original Show Of The Year’ – Sakadat


„…Și Paul Ilea, care a experimentat de la orchestra simfonică sub bagheta lui Yehudi Menuhin la trupa Sensor, muzician pe scenă cu Prodigy, producător de studio la Londra și astăzi conducător al bandului Vocea României, DJ Mongol și implicat în proiecte muzicale diverse, pentru teatru, pentru proiecții, show-uri locale și internaționale.”

Global Reporter (08-Nov-2018) – Magazine – Article

„…“Lecțiile” sunt predate de actorul Marius Manole și muzicianul Paul Ilea. Când o să-i vadă copiii dvs cum arată – căci numai a profesori nu arată (Paul are dreaduri uriașe:), plus că s–ar putea să-l recunoască drept domnul care conduce trupa de la Vocea României:) ) – și când vor vedea cât de relaxați și de pe înțelesul lor vorbesc, s-ar putea să li se pară chiar cool mini cursul online despre muzica clasică. …” (09-Sept-2018) – Personal Blog – Article

„… Paul a început pregatirea muzicală la vârsta de 6 ani, când a început studiul viorii, dar primul contact cu un instrument muzical l-a avut la vârsta de 3 ani, când a primit o chitară în dar de la bunica sa. Mai târziu, când a împlinit 11 ani început singur să învete chitara, chitara bass și percuția. În primii 12 ani a studiat la școala de Muzică Sigismund Toduța din Cluj-Napoca și apoi la Academia de Muzică „Gheorghe Dima”, unde a studiat compoziție. …” (22-February-2018) – Radio Show (Margareta Pâslaru „De vorba cu…”)

„…Suntem super onorați de invitație, pentru că e întotdeauna o plăcere să lucrezi cu profesioniști. Am pregătit un moment special pentru prima semifinală Românii au talent, un remix al unei piese clasice celebre. Momentul nostru alături de cei de la ProDance va fi, cu siguranța, #epic!, a spus Paul Ilea.” (27-April-2017) – TV station website

„…În 2012 a hotarât să dezvăluie publicului abilitățile sale de dj-programmer -live electronics performer și a pus bazele proiectului muzical solo MONGOL, având numeroase performance-uri în cluburile din România și o serie de release-uri.

Mai mult, de-a lungul timpului Paul a fost implicat și în advertising atât prin producțiile audio, cât și video (pentru campanii precum J&B City Remix 2011, Ciuc SUMMER 2010 etc). În 2013 a
fost music supervisor pentru producția Universal Pictures– “Scorpion King 4”. …” – International Classical Music Festival’s website – Article

„…The choreographer himself is joined by dancers Ana Visan and Razvan Stoian together with musician Paul Ilea in a show as unexpected as everybody’s next minute in life. …” (23-October-2016) – Saddler’s Wells Theater’s website – Article

„…with musician Paul Ilea in a show as unexpected as everybody’s next minute in life. …”. (October-2016) Online events agenda – Article

„…La musica appartiene “all’uomo orchestra” Paul Ilea(SENSOR / KULT STUDIO) al quale il coreografo ha chiesto di iniziare dai temi più conosciuti e popolari del suo compagno di musica e “strambo”: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, però di svilupparle, in seguito, a modo suo con molta “affettuosa irriverenza. ..” (29-Masy-2016) Teatro Stabile Veneto’s website – Article

„…Paul Ilea, Head of Band Vocea României, ne-a povestit mai multe despre show-urile live Vocea României, prin ochii band-ului.

– Ce înseamnă edițiile live pentru band-ul Vocea României?

– “Înseamnă pregatirea a 16 piese noi de la un live la celălalt, cu repetiții zilnic, implicare totală din partea fiecărui membru al band-ului. Începând cu editiile live, am adăugat backing vocals și suflători la formula de bază, așadar …fun!”…” (09-December-2015) – „The Voice – Romania” TV show’s website – Article

„… Descopăr viziunea lui Paul, omul orchestră ce compune și performează la fel de ușor în teatru, cluburi sau stadioane. Încep să-l asociez cu experimențele street art, cu dansul contemporan și instalațiile video. Paul este spiritul creativ care se exprimă liber și care reușește să mixeze stiluri diferite, să dea senzația că este fie underground, fie mainstream. …” (October/November-2013) – Online and printed music magazine – Article

„…U.S.B. – adică “Urban Symphonik Beats” – este cel mai nou album al Sensor și, după cum spun chiar membrii trupei, “depășește normele cu care suntem obișnuiți în materie de sound”…” (December-2013) – TV station online news – Article

„…Sensor reprezintă un concept nou în muzica românească: o trupă de percuție neconvențională, formată din tineri școliți – în mare parte la Academia de Muzică din Cluj -, care au renunțat la instrumentele studiate, la formațiile anterioare, pentru a lovi cu entuziasm în butoaie, țevi și pardosele.”

‘Formula AS’ (21-January-2002) – Arts, social and spiritual romanian magazine – Article

„…Iar ultima piesa, „Run”, îl scoate în lumină pe Paul Ilea, cu un IDM a la Aphex Twin, însă cu vocals by Laura, un track alambicat, dens, care lărgește aria de acoperire Sensor dincolo de breakbeat sau genuri bine delimitate. În concluzie, un act de restituire a unei activitați polivalente, „Best, Unreleased” reușește să creeze o imagine completă a preocupărilor Sensor în decada ce tocmai a trecut. …”

Revista Sunete (August-2009) – Music magazine (print) – Article

De-a lungul timpului, proiectul Sensor a colaborat cu o mulțime de artiști, atât pentru albume, cât și pentru concertele live, componența trupei schimbându-se în funcție de necesități. … (17-June-2009) – online electronic music magazine – Article

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